S03E40 - Kiwifruit Catastrophe

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S03E40 - Kiwifruit Catastrophe

سوپر وینگز Super Wings

Kate is volunteering at Farmer Wilson's kiwifruit farm, in order to pick some fresh kiwifruit from the trees there. Unfortunately, there was not enough rain to grow any proper-sized kiwifruit. After the Super Wings arrive at the scene, they create a water pump and sprayed some water to the tree groves. However, the kiwifruit would need a few weeks to grow into their proper sizes. Donnie suggests an idea of using fertilizer to speed up the growing process. Once Donnie gets a hold of some bags of fertilizer, he uses too much of it, by pouring three big bags of it into the water pump. As the result, the kiwifruit grew into oversized giant ones and creating an avalanche of them. Can they find a way to collect them all safely?

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