S03E36 - Maple Syrup Surprise

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S03E36 - Maple Syrup Surprise

سوپر وینگز Super Wings

Manon and her family just moved in to their new home at the Gaspé Peninsula. They are preparing to go to a local maple syrup festival, in order to meet their new neighbors. Manon wanted to make maple candies for the festival, but she does not have the proper equipment to make that happen. Even more so, she needed a lot of sap for making the candies. After the Build-It Buddies arrive and created a boiler for the sap, Manon was ready to create her first maple syrup candies. However, Donnie opened the boiler's tap too much and created a big and sticky mess. How are Manon and the Super Wings supposed to use all the sap without wasting a drop of it?

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