S03E39 - A Bueno Burrito

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S03E39 - A Bueno Burrito

سوپر وینگز Super Wings

Victor wants to have his own guitar, in order to play it with his friends. However, in order to get one from his mother, Victor must complete 10 different chores in the house and out in the city. Jett agreed to assist Victor complete these chores. Time is against both guys because Victor wants to get that guitar immediately. With the Super Wings' help, the final chore to finish was to get the ingredients to make homemade burritos. After all the shopping they did in the city centre, the only items they need was some tortillas. Unfortunately, the bakery's tortilla-making machine broke down. Victor found out why: one of the machine's conveyor belts was ripped. Once the machine was fixed, Jett added too much dough to it. Zoey tried to turn it off, but the power lever broke and she could not stop it. As a result, the raw dough was so big, it pushed everyone out of the store and sent them flying in the air. How is Victor going to get his guitar, if he cannot receive any fresh tortillas now?

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